Will EMC dump Documentum?

In a word? Yes.

How soon?  That remains to be seen, but Alan Pelz-Sharpe’s analysis would have you think that the spinoff is only a matter of time.

Not pictured: Dave DeWalt, Joe Tucci
Not pictured: Dave DeWalt, Joe Tucci

Looking back at the merger, I don’t think anyone would go so far as to say that Dave DeWalt and Joe Tucci were intentionally looking to emulate the Bad Boy – Death Row / East Coast – West Coast feud with their divergent approaches to Documentum’s role within the EMC universe.  That said, anyone who was at least somewhat familiar with DeWalt’s relatively quick departure for McAfee post-merger, coupled along with subsequent departures of other key Documentum leadership and EMC’s reluctance to even use the word “Documentum” in public was, for many, signs of trouble on the horizon:

"...Pelz-Sharpe, while talking about the EMC and Documentum’s internal cultures, pretty well pegs what’s happening externally too. He writes that:
The cultures of EMC and Documentum could not have been further apart, the former a hard-nosed, sales-oriented and successful East Coast firm, the latter a consultative, relatively laid back, West Coast Silicon luminary. Neither the business cultures, nor the sales approaches, of the firms ever gelled.” (italics mine)
In other words, as Pelz-Sharpe and I wrote separately (he was working with the Real Story Group at the time), way back in 2007, the business strategy of a hardware company will conflict with the wins that a software solution provides. In Pelz-Sharpe’s words: Documentum follows a consulting-oriented sell designed to reduce the amount of enterprise information to core essentials, while EMC wants to store as much of that information (that Documentum wants to eliminate) as possible.”

Disclaimer Time:

  1. In the spirit of full disclosure, I was hired by Documentum Consulting not long before the EMC acquisition took place, and worked for EMC’s IIG for several years, as one of the “worker-bee” consultants in their Professional Services group. I’m still on good terms with several people in leadership positions at IIG, and will (possibly) be back at EMC World – or more accurately, the Momentum 2014 portion of it, which will be most likely take place next month once again in the bowels of the Sands Convention Center basement level.)  
  2. As always – this blog reflects my own personal opinion on this (along with any other) issue, and by no means should be seen as representing the views of my current employer with regard to this matter.

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