On your way to EMCworld and Momentum 2014?

On your way to EMCworld and Momentum 2014? 

Recommend you check the attached article out, written by Virginia Backalitis at CMSwire. Great article, chock-full of her predictions for what we could see happen next week at the Sands Convention Center. My thoughts and comments down below, after the break. Will it all go down this way?  No one knows for sure, but either way it ought to be a fun show – JMM

Will Documentum and Syncplicity Hit the Jackpot at EMC World?

Viva Las Vegas, people.
For entertainment purposes only, folks.

If I were a betting man, I’d be spending my chips next week as follows:

1. PASS – Even though I agree w/ what she said re: the Pivotal/Documentum relationship, I’m just not sure enough about the rest of the prediction. (And even if it does happen, I doubt it’ll be public knowledge until some time after the show.)
2. PASS – Even money on this one. I’d be more surprised if it wasn’t announced during one of the keynotes.
3. BET – IMHO, a 50/50 shot. I’ll play along, and put down a chip or two just for fun.
4. BET – See #3 (Again, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t work out that way)
5. BET – See #4 (it’s just a matter of who brings it up first)
6) PASS – Again, even money. Although I’m sure it’s much more likely we’ll hear “Syncplicity” than the D-word.
7) BET – (Long Shot) Interesting one; I’d hope to see this happen as well as for Google Drive… and/or Amazon – but in reality, will it take place? It’s a tossup, but hey, this is Vegas, and long-shots do come in once in a while. In any case, if it is mentioned, it’ll be probably one of those “available in late Q4” kind of announcements.
8) PASS – To answer Victoria’s first question: “Yes, they should give SocialCast to IIG – it’s way overdue.” Just like what she wrote on this topic last year. Remember folks, collaboration was one of the factors that drove Documentum’s acquisition of eRoom, back at a time when we were all on AOL and no one even heard of online social networking. This is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned; social collaboration capabilities are probably Documentum’s biggest weakness in comparison to other platforms. That said – would I bet the farm on it happening? Not likely.

Looks like it’ll still be quite an interesting week coming up – even if none of these things happen.  If you’re going to be around, let me know via Twitter: @jonathan_meola

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