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ECM: once again MIA at EMC

ECM: once again MIA at EMC

Found this interesting “map” that EMC shared on LinkedIn earlier today.  Sometimes, the story is more about what’s not on the map… and in this case, it’s ECM (and Documentum) that’s MIA from yet another EMC publication.*

*In all fairness, the map does contain a bullet point labelled “Intelligence” in the “Security” panel.  Conceivably, this could refer to IIG. However, there are no references to IIG or Documentum elsewhere on the graphic, credits, or supporting page, nor on the two other EMC “storymap” pages covering IT Transformation or Big Data.

Shameless shilling for stuff

Aroma Cafe / ארומה קפה is arguably Israel’s most popular chain for coffee, and also offers freshly made salads, pastries, and sandwiches (unlike Starbucks). They’ve recently expanded into the USA, in NYC, DC, & South FL.
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Product + Placement = Perfection

(Ed. Note: I know that the Olympics are over, but apparently Molson has placed several of these machines in various destinations around Europe this past summer.  Here’s hoping that they will continue this awesome promo in different locales for years to come.)  

What Molson Canadian has done for Team Canada in Sochi this year is nothing short of brilliant.  Team Canada, you have done Bob and Doug Mackenzie, as well as everyone else in the Great White North, proud.

Via Twitter, from @molson_canadian

Yes, you read that correctly.  Team Canada has a beer refrigerator, provided by Molson, that can only be opened with a Canadian passport.  No church key required, apparently.