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ECM: once again MIA at EMC

ECM: once again MIA at EMC

Found this interesting “map” that EMC shared on LinkedIn earlier today.  Sometimes, the story is more about what’s not on the map… and in this case, it’s ECM (and Documentum) that’s MIA from yet another EMC publication.*

*In all fairness, the map does contain a bullet point labelled “Intelligence” in the “Security” panel.  Conceivably, this could refer to IIG. However, there are no references to IIG or Documentum elsewhere on the graphic, credits, or supporting page, nor on the two other EMC “storymap” pages covering IT Transformation or Big Data.

Another infographic…

…but it’s a good one. Enterprise social networks are not just a passing fad; in many cases, they are helping to fill in the gaps common in today’s geographically and culturally diverse workplaces.

Read on:

10 good reasons to implement an Enterprise Social Network

Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Likability matters? You betcha.

Authenticity: To be more likable, behave in a way that feels natural and comfortable, rather than stiff or self-absorbed:  (via WSJ/Kyle T.Webster)

Think that Yammer, Jive, and all these new-fangled badges and flair going around you at the office is just a bunch of Gen-Y and/or Millennial nonsense?  Better get with the program… and learn how to be likable online.  It just may be the difference that gets you a promotion or raise.

From the WSJ: “…Social networking also places a premium on likability. More employers track employees’ likability on in-house social networks and chat services. They recruit those who are trusted and well-liked to spread information or push through changes. Some companies take these employees’ social clout into account when handing out raises and promotions…”

via Why Likability Matters More at Work –

Free Trip to Israel

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Not my usual kind of post, but for the chance to win a free round-trip ticket from the USA to Israel on EL AL sounds like a good deal to me.

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Don’t fret if you don’t win; there are other ways to get there for little or no cost whatsoever.

The Double-spacing Crisis

To be honest, I never really gave much thought to the potential implications of double-spacing after a sentence-ending period.

Does the use of two spaces consume unnecessary & wasted data in files?

Is it a matter of changing standards, like those revisionists who insist on dropping the “Oxford comma” – which, for me, is absurd, given the potential for myriads of humorous and contextual errors.

Oh, behave.
Oh, behave.

In any case, the habit is quite hard to break; it took me several tries before I stopped double-spacing when typing this introduction to the post.

From the article’s forward:

Exactly two years ago, Farhad Manjoo ranted against people who still type two spaces after a period. To this day, people are still talking about the article. And some of them make a point to leave two spaces after all of their periods. In honor of the piece’s anniversary, we are reprinting the piece below.