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Free Trip to Israel

enter to win

Not my usual kind of post, but for the chance to win a free round-trip ticket from the USA to Israel on EL AL sounds like a good deal to me.

Contest is sponsored by; to enter, click here. (The link will bring you to their FB page, where you can also read all the relevant terms & conditions.)

Don’t fret if you don’t win; there are other ways to get there for little or no cost whatsoever.

The Ultimate Spying Machine?

The Ultimate Spying Machine? | LinkedIn

“Facebook is only beginning to leverage all their data and I believe that even if we all stopped using Facebook today (which is very unlikely), the company would still have more information about people than any other private company on the planet (maybe Google is a close, but they haven’t got all the detailed personal data).

Recent attempts by Facebook’s data science team shows the incredible power of analyzing the data. For example, Facebook revealed that it can now safely predict when a user is about to change their relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘in relationship’. The insights come from analyzing the way we exchange messages and post on our timeline just before we ‘commit’. Read the details here. The question is, what else will Facebook be able to predict?”

via Facebook + WhatsApp = The Ultimate Spying Machine? | LinkedIn.