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On your way to EMCworld and Momentum 2014?

On your way to EMCworld and Momentum 2014? 

Recommend you check the attached article out, written by Virginia Backalitis at CMSwire. Great article, chock-full of her predictions for what we could see happen next week at the Sands Convention Center. My thoughts and comments down below, after the break. Will it all go down this way?  No one knows for sure, but either way it ought to be a fun show – JMM

Will Documentum and Syncplicity Hit the Jackpot at EMC World?

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“If you’re not going forward, you’re falling behind…”

Not falling behind is one lesson that EMC’s CMA (Content Management & Archiving) group apparently has taken to heart, as demonstrated by the recent announcement of nine (9) product releases, in conjunction with a new hashtag, #ECMevolved.

For several years now, industry analysts have perceived Documentum, along with other “traditional” ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platforms, as being absent from the technology industry’s radar, especially as newer trends (such as “Big Data” and “Cloud Computing/Storage”) have become omnipresent buzzwords in almost every C-suite worldwide.

These nine new product releases and updates are meant to signal that EMC is serious when it comes to taking steps, in order to enable traditional enterprise content management system products within the framework of a next-generation, third-platform approach. The third-platform concept will allow ECM users to work smarter in a world where Big Data, mobile, social and cloud computing are both new drivers (and sources) – while getting the correct information in the correct format to the right person, at the right time…regardless of where they are located.

Two of these new players on EMC’s CMA bench are InfoArchive and Project Horizon.

InfoArchive is an application platform designed for long-term, detailed archiving of structured and unstructured data, to best assist organizational compliance with business, legal, and regulatory requirements.

Project Horizon is the first true mobile application integration built for Documentum, featuring multiple micro-applications known as “tiles” that allow mobile users to access the same functionality traditionally found only on desktop or browser-based ECM applications. These tile applications now give mobile users the ability to identify, locate, edit, and update shared content in real-time, using a mobile application interface, on both smartphone and tablet devices. Currently available application “tiles” provide mobile ECM functionality to include collaborative authoring & review (document management), controlled document collection (business process), and team collaboration (workflow). There are also plans to incorporate point-and-click snapshots, along with metadata, via a capture and classification tile (imaging).

Both of these new applications, along with other application updates to core products such as Documentum, Documentum Services for SAP, Syncplicity, and xCP, tie into what EMC content strategy calls “co-innovation”. To quote Enterprise Content Division CTO Jeroen Van Rotterdam, this approach “is the new way of doing agile”.