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ECM: once again MIA at EMC

ECM: once again MIA at EMC

Found this interesting “map” that EMC shared on LinkedIn earlier today.  Sometimes, the story is more about what’s not on the map… and in this case, it’s ECM (and Documentum) that’s MIA from yet another EMC publication.*

*In all fairness, the map does contain a bullet point labelled “Intelligence” in the “Security” panel.  Conceivably, this could refer to IIG. However, there are no references to IIG or Documentum elsewhere on the graphic, credits, or supporting page, nor on the two other EMC “storymap” pages covering IT Transformation or Big Data.

ECM as a Pillar of Big Data

More and more, I find myself talking to Big Data SMEs in various situations.  While the conversations have been on a variety of topics,  I can say that many of them have shared at least one troubling similarity: uncomfortable reactions upon hearing my specialty area is ECM (and in some cases, specifically Documentum.  These reactions have run the range from outright snickering to stony silence.  I guess I’m glad that I’m thick-skinned by nature – but I do understand where they are coming from.  To them, I’m a dinosaur – a relic of an age where content, metadata, and taxonomy were rigid constructs locked into specific functions by a bloated application noted for its inherent complexity and lack of visibility.

My approach for getting past the issue is to simply share an article from Brilliant Leap: Keep throwing rocks…