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To Tell The Truth…

My wife loves sharing the story of how she told her daughter, when she was a toddler, that a black spot would appear on her forehead any time she told a lie.  It wasn’t long before she would find herself facing a precocious four year-old, with one hand plastered across her brow, telling her that she did pick up her books and games, all while standing in the midst of a pile covering the playroom floor.

How to spot a liar (source: WSJ)

Too bad adults don’t have that easy a time discerning when people are being less than truthful in face-to-face situations, but there are still “tells” or other clues which are apparent enough to the trained observer.  However, what about when your only contact with another person is via email or social media?   How do you know then the difference between fact and fiction?  This article from today’s WSJ makes for some interesting reading, and shares some key insights:

“In the office and elsewhere, many relationships begin on email and remain that way for years. So it’s critical to have tools to help evaluate whether the person on the other end of a digital communication might be lying.”

“Research shows people tend to be suspicious of information they receive online but override their suspicions and trust the information anyway. Experts call this our ‘truth bias.'”

Full article can be found here.

Drowning in our inboxes

The average office worker spends 28% of their day dealing with email, and another 33% gathering information and collaborating internally, according to the McKinsey Global Institute.


So, when exactly are we expected to get any “real” work done?  Well, it looks like there may be some relief on the horizon.

Two companies are currently pursuing markedly divergent approaches to the email conundrum, but both share a common vision of a post-email workplace being not too far down the road for an increasingly larger % of the workforce:

  • Slack combines  all of a knowledge worker’s incoming feeds into one unified information “stream” (sound familiar?)
  • Cotap uses a texting-like approach with an app that  promises “real-time, secure, and easy mobile messaging”

via Kill Email, Or Leapfrog It? – ReadWrite.