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Time 2 ch@ng3 y0ur p@55w0rd5

“Heartbleed” security exploit of OpenSSL causing heartache for millions of internet users. Major websites affected include Yahoo & GitHub, among others.  According to the UK Daily Mail:

Heartbleed, so called because it creates a ‘bleeding’ leak of security, is a flaw in OpenSSL, the software used by the majority of websites to keep data secure. Continue reading Time 2 ch@ng3 y0ur p@55w0rd5

Worthy freakin’ adversaries

The men in the black pajamas, Dude.  Worthy freakin' adversaries.
Worthy freakin’ adversaries.

Worthy adversaries, indeed. Hacking WordPress, 160K blogs at a time, for DDoS attacks.  See, Donny – this is why setting your admin password to “password”, “bowling”, or “12345” is not a good thing.

Original Ars Technica link here.