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Keep your F# on the ground…

No, not these charts. Sorry, Casey.

Microsoft’s F# programming language is rising up the charts in terms of popularity, just two slots out of the top 10 on the TIOBE index.

It’s now supported in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013, and seen more and more as a tool for solving complex issues where functional programming is the best option.  Functional programming treats computation as an evaluation of mathematical functions, while avoiding the use of state and mutable data.

Some background: F# was originally designed by Microsoft’s Don Syme, at their Microsoft Research Cambridge Centre in the U.K.  It was first mentioned publically by the company around 2003, and a Microsoft Research FAQ from that era stated:

“F# is an implementation of the core of the CAML programming language for the .NET Framework, along with cross-language extensions. The aim is to have it work together seamlessly with C#, Visual Basic, SML.NET and other .NET programming languages.”

Read more about it here: Microsoft’s F# Language: No. 12 With a Bullet.

Nobody expects the Zuckerberg acquisition…

Ed note: Wrote this post earlier in the week, before the news broke about Facebook’s purchase of Whatsapp for…  

Game over, man. Game. Frickin’. Over.
If you don’t get it, you’re just too young to read this blog.

Did you think the Google purchase of Waze for $966 million was a major purchase?  Or Yahoo taking a tumble for Tumblr at just over $1 billion?  These were just some of the high-profile acquisitions that took place during 2013:

“When one tech giant gobbles up another major player, like in the (ed. note: $7.2 billion) Microsoft and Nokia deal, the whole world talks about it. However, most of us are not aware that these media empires actually purchase companies by the dozen each year. Most of the time, the purchase price is not disclosed, but it is safe to say that it usually amounts to tens of millions of dollars.” (emphasis mine)

Only “tens of millions” of dollars?  I hope that these startups hold out until they get all the extras, including… Anyway – there’s a decent  infographic showing the leaderboard for 2013 available below: