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Here we go again: Barrage of dozens of rockets from Gaza pound southern Israel

Nothing says “peace process” like a rocket barrage from Hamastan (aka Gaza). Maybe they’re angry that the Israeli Navy captured a shipment of longer-range missiles from Hezbollah… or maybe they just can’t help themselves… like the scorpion:

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Gaza terrorists’ rockets endanger 3.5 million Israelis

Was it in honour of British PM David Cameron’s visit to Israel? Or in revenge for Israel’s capture of the Iranian missile boat? Or in revenge for the IDF’s killing of 3 Palestinian terrorists who launched mortars at IDF positions earlier this week?

Whatever the excuse – and you can be sure there will be one – Gaza terrorists launched at least 40 rockets at southern Israel earlier yesterday (Wednesday). Thank G-d, and thanks to the Israeli government and army’s security precautions for Israeli residents, no serious casualties have been reported in Israel.

In response, the IDF and IAF have launched a counter-attack by tank and by air on terrorists positions in Gaza.

Here is a short round-up of today’s events:

JPost: Barrage of at least 40 rockets hit southern Israel

Israeli communities near southern and northern Gaza have come under…

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