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Another infographic…

…but it’s a good one. Enterprise social networks are not just a passing fad; in many cases, they are helping to fill in the gaps common in today’s geographically and culturally diverse workplaces.

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10 good reasons to implement an Enterprise Social Network

Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Likability matters? You betcha.

Authenticity: To be more likable, behave in a way that feels natural and comfortable, rather than stiff or self-absorbed:  (via WSJ/Kyle T.Webster)

Think that Yammer, Jive, and all these new-fangled badges and flair going around you at the office is just a bunch of Gen-Y and/or Millennial nonsense?  Better get with the program… and learn how to be likable online.  It just may be the difference that gets you a promotion or raise.

From the WSJ: “…Social networking also places a premium on likability. More employers track employees’ likability on in-house social networks and chat services. They recruit those who are trusted and well-liked to spread information or push through changes. Some companies take these employees’ social clout into account when handing out raises and promotions…”

via Why Likability Matters More at Work – WSJ.com.

You can’t always get what you want…

tumblr_l7fah3ZVxt1qdqeg6o1_1280“…but if you try sometimes, you might find – you get what you need.”

Who knew that the Rolling Stones had insight when it comes to understanding analytics?  Well, maybe they don’t – but Bradley Robb of Recurve (a former neighbor from my Richmond days) does, and it comes across well in this blog entry:

“We don’t know where to start,” the department head admitted.

We were talking analytics and answers, and her admission is fairly common.

“Well,” I replied, and proceed to sketch out a pyramid and explained the three types of analytics and how an organization can leverage each of them.

To see the analytics pyramid, and read more about the three analytics types – click and read: What Type of Analytics Do You Need? – Recurve.

Shameless shilling for stuff

Aroma Cafe / ארומה קפה is arguably Israel’s most popular chain for coffee, and also offers freshly made salads, pastries, and sandwiches (unlike Starbucks). They’ve recently expanded into the USA, in NYC, DC, & South FL.
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Drowning in our inboxes

The average office worker spends 28% of their day dealing with email, and another 33% gathering information and collaborating internally, according to the McKinsey Global Institute.


So, when exactly are we expected to get any “real” work done?  Well, it looks like there may be some relief on the horizon.

Two companies are currently pursuing markedly divergent approaches to the email conundrum, but both share a common vision of a post-email workplace being not too far down the road for an increasingly larger % of the workforce:

  • Slack combines  all of a knowledge worker’s incoming feeds into one unified information “stream” (sound familiar?)
  • Cotap uses a texting-like approach with an app that  promises “real-time, secure, and easy mobile messaging”

via Kill Email, Or Leapfrog It? – ReadWrite.