What makes a blog?

So, what’s the deal with this blog, you may ask?

  1. Name – it seemed like a good way to tie together the two areas that are my primary competencies at my day job, while at the same time throwing in several references to one of my favorite films. And no, there isn’t a literal connection between content, collaboration, and the Coen brothers…but then and again, I seem to find just enough to string things along.
  2. Tagline: Given #1, the quote seemed fitting.
  3. Posts, categories and tags:  All too often, I find myself unable to properly categorize my posts.  Sometimes it’s hard to find the literal connection.  Lots of ins, lots of outs, lots of what-have-yous,  lots of strands to keep together in my postings.  I’m now working on updating both categories and tags.  Hopefully, this will give the reader a frame of reference, so they don’t find themselves out of their element.
  4. The look: Decided that giving this blog a worthy name wasn’t enough – the look reflects my attempt to pay attention to visual detail as well as content & functionality.
  5. As for the rest – well, you can refer to my about.me profile, my LinkedIn, my Twitter feed – they put together some of the picture, but do they really answer the question “What makes a blog?”  That’s something you’ll have to discover by coming along for the ride.

Hope you enjoy the scenery, and remember to abide.

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