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Building a better browsing experience with Wibki

Wibki makes your favorite sites accessible anywhere, from any device you use.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man who invented the Web, once stated that “you affect the world by what you browse.”   Roy Pessis at Wibki has taken that maxim to heart, and is passionately advocating a new approach to web browsing that gives users better access to more sources of content:

“The browser experience is deliberately forcing us into searching everything. These browsers make most of their profit by keeping this experience alive. So, who cares? The ones who care are the millions of startups, businesses and content providers out there, trying to get the world’s attention.”

“Apple, Google & Microsoft built amazing app stores for mobile and desktop. They made it as simple as possible for their users to access these products. However, on the Web, they don’t have control over what we are doing. So they provide us with a lousy experience. Forcing the user to only a handful of websites that he can remember by heart.”

With that in mind, Pessis developed Wibki to bring the clear visual experience we see on our mobile and tablet devices to our desktop browser, in a way that really gives the user a single location where they can find their favorite bookmarked sites in an easy, accessible format. Wibki also allows a user to easily access their information from any browser or device, anywhere in the world – since it stores their information in the cloud, while maintaining security and privacy.  To hear it from Pessis himself:

Obviously, privacy is a major issue within Wibki. Many of us use the web for things that we won’t be glad to share with the entire world. Therefore, we enabled an Incognito mode within Wibki that allows you to remove tracking from all or specific groups in your profile. You can maintain your privacy while still sharing the sites that you love with the world around you.

Our aim is to create a better, more engaging browsing experience. We are starting this ambitious goal today with the launch of Wibki. The days of type-and-search are over. We would be honored if you give it a try.

Wibki is still at an early stage of development and we appreciate hearing your feedback. We sincerely believe Wibki will replace browsing as we know it – help us shape the future of the web.